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2017 Application Checklist.pdf

Case years run from January 1st of the year through December 31st.  Our annual meeting and testing date is held in conjunction with the ABVP annual symposium.

For the 2017 case year, the exam will be held at the ABVP's 22nd annual symposium from October 5-8, 2017 in Atlanta, GA.  SAVE THE DATE!  

2017 Case year application due date: Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

The credentialed veterinary technicians of the AVTCP are expected to be knowledgeable and demonstrate expertise in a broad range of clinical disciplines. The VTS (Clin Practice) will care for the “total patient” while incorporating knowledge and skills represented by the NAVTA-recognized Veterinary Technician Specialty Academies.

Following the ABVP model, AVTCP has developed species-specific categories, Small Animal (Canine/Feline) and (Feline),  Exotic Companion Animal, and Production Medicine.  Members of the AVTCP will be involved in every aspect of the science of veterinary medicine. This includes the use of medical applications, diagnostic instrumentation and testing, surgical and anesthetic procedures, and nursing skills.  All of these rely upon high quality, practice-related experiences along with the ability to understand, make quality decisions, and apply the science behind the skill.

Candidates eligible for admission to the AVTCP examinations will be evaluated on multi-disciplinary aspects of clinical practice including: anesthesia/analgesia, behavior, dentistry, diagnostic imaging, general medicine (knowledge of systems and common diseases), general nursing, laboratory testing, pharmacology, practice management, and surgical nursing.   

Additional forms may be required for the practice category for which you are applying. Please see the Canine/Feline, Feline, Exotic Companion Animal, or Production Medicine pages for more information.


AVTCP does not accept HARD COPY paper applications. Digital applications must be sent via email, Dropbox, or other digital submission form to AVTCPinformation@gmail.com. Digital copies may also be sent via thumb drive/memory stick to:

Mary K Wiley, BS, CVT, VTS (Clinical Practice Small Animal- C/F)
Veterinary Emergency Center of Manchester
336 Abby Rd, Manchester, NH 03103

Letters of recommendation must be signed, scanned, and submitted directly to AVTCPinformation@gmail.com or sent directly to the above address. 

All application fees should be sent to our treasurer:
Blythe Haman
21103 Bridge Falls Ct.
Katy, TX 77449

Postponement Policy

Examination may be postponed once, for one year at the request of the candidate.

1. Candidates must request in writing (electronic or paper) to the Chair of the
Examination Committee their desire to postpone examination.

2. Requests must be received no later than thirty (30) days prior to examination date.

3. Emergency situations may occur that prevent a candidate from sitting the examination.
Any situation that occurs within thirty (30) days of the date of examination would be
considered an emergency postponement.

4. Emergency postponement requests must be sent electronically to the Executive Secretary
up to and including the day of examination administration.

5. Specifications for postponement and emergency postponement will be determined by the
Board of Regents and the Examination Committee and will be found in the Consensus
Statement on Policy for Examination Postponement.

6. A fee of $25.00 must be paid to the treasurer if the examination is postponed